Relocating to Australia with dogs

Step-by-step guides & questions :

What are the steps required to bring your dog to Australia ?

If you intend to import dogs from France into Australia you will need to ensure that you comply with the Department of Agriculture import conditions because France is NOT recognised as being 'rabies-free".

You will need to discuss your proposal with your current vet in France who will explain the procedure for obtaining animal must obtain an Australian import permit for your dog and meet all the Australian entry requirements from France.

Your pet will also need to stay in quarantine for a short period of time.

All testing must be conducted in an a laboratory recognised by the government in France.

We encourage you to use and can help you to find a pet transport agent as it may be simpler and more effective to use an experienced company that regularly imports animals, rather than to undertake the process by yourself.

How long does your dog need to stay in quarantine ?

All dogs must complete a minimum 30 day period in an Australian quarantine facility.

To be eligible to travel, all dogs must be compliant with all the import conditions stated on the valid import permit.

How long will it take to get your dog import permit?

The Australian department strives to grant an import permit for each application as soon as possible from the date of receipt. Please note, it may take up to 20 business days to assess and grant an import permit.


How early do I need to start the procedure for my pet?

You need to start the preparation as soon as possible and discuss the treatments and tests with your approved veterinarian in France.

What are the laws for bringing dogs to Australia :

Dogs must not be under quarantine restrictions at the time of travel.

Pregnancy: Dogs must not be more than 30 days pregnant nor be suckling young at the time of travel.

Banned Dog Breeds:

In accordance with the Customs (prohibited imports) Regulations 1956, dogs of the following pure breeds are prohibited and not eligible for import into Australia

  • Dogo Argentina
  • fila Brasileiro
  • Japanese tosa
  • American Pit Bull Terrier or Pit Bull Terrier
  • Perro de Presa Canario or Presa Canario

Dogs must be identified by a microchip that can be read by an Avid, Trovan, Destron or other ISO compatible reader. A microchip must be present before you can start blood sampling for any pre export testing

A government Approved Vet must ensure that the microchip is scanned at each veterinary visit. They must also check that the scanned microchip number is correctly recorded on documentation.

Your dog must be vaccinated with an inactivated or recombinant rabies virus vaccine and in accordance with the manufacturer's directions.

Dogs must have a current rabies vaccination record at the time of travel shwing that an inactivated vaccine was given when the dog was at least 90 days of age.

The rabies vaccine must be approved for use in dogs by a recognised vet in France

To validate the Rabies Neutralising Antibody test, the approved vet in France must scan the animal's microchip and collect a blood sample for the RNAT test. (The blood sample must be drawn in France) The animal's microchip number must be written on the blood tube and the laboratory submission form.

The laboratory report must be in English and completed on the testing laboratory 's letterhead. The report must include the animal's microchip number, the blood sampling date, the signature of the person responsible for issuing the laboratory report, the location where the blood sample was taken and the test result.

The department recognises the RNAT test result for 24 months from the date of blood sampling to the date of export. The animal must have a valid RNAT test Laboratory Report at the time of export. If the RNAT test is due to expire (i.e. greater than 24 months old) prior to the date of export, you must have your dog retested prior to the expiry date.

The animal is not eligible for export to Australia until at least one hundred and eighty (180) days have passed from the date that the blood sample is drawn for the RNAT test (with a satisfactory result).

Once all the tests have been done, you can apply for an import permit :

  • You must submit the RNAT test laboratory report and rabies vaccination certificate to your Official Government Veterinarian so they can complete the RNAT test Declaration. It is important that the microchip number, test result and blood sampling date is consistent between the RNAT test laboratory report and RNAT test Declaration.
  • You must ensure that the completed RNAT test Declaration states the name of the testing laboratory, NOT the submitting laboratory.
  • You may now submit your import permit application, as well as full payment and all supporting documentation
  • Your application may take at least 20 working days for the processing and granting of your permit application.
  • Import permits are valid for up to twelve (12) months from the date of issue.

Now you can organise the post arrival quarantine accommodation at an Australian government quarantine facility and make travel arrangements :

Should you require it, we can make arrangements on your behalf with an animal transport company.


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